CIIPA Education Portal

Professional Development

All Regular Members of CIIPA are required to comply with the CPD requirements of their overseas professional accounting institute or “OPAI”. If your OPAI’s requirements do not adhere to International Education Standards, the requirement is 120 hours in each rolling three-year period to 31 December with a minimum of 20 hours in each and 60 verifiable hours during that period. As a full member of IFAC, CIIPA is responsible for monitoring members’ CPD which is done on an annual basis.

The CPD requirements are prescribed in Schedule 2 of the Accountants (Application for Membership) Regulations.

For further guidance on meeting the requirements in Schedule 2 see Helpsheet-Meeting CPD Requirements.

The Training Committee (“TC”) is charged with providing opportunities for members to meet their professional development requirements. The TC develops an annual training schedule based on member consultation, with consideration given to the various industries professional accountants in the Cayman Islands participate in. 

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